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At Deckmasters, we know there's more to building a deck than just nailing a bunch of wood together on the back of your house. Just as every customer is an individual, we want to assure that each deck we build is an extension of that individuality. From conception to completion, our entire staff works to make YOUR deck something special.

Our representative will sit down and listen to YOUR needs and ideas, then help design a deck that blends function, form and budget
. Are there children, seniors or handicapped persons to consider? Will you use this area to entertain or just to relax on? Will your deck provide access to another area or be a private retreat? Different needs require different ideas.

Once a plan has been drawn up, we utilize computer aided design to engineer a structure that will remain strong and durable. Only the best lumber and materials are specified.

Our construction crews are professional deck builders. We don't do siding or replacement windows, so we know exactly what we're going to be doing and we do it right.

Can you afford this kind of attention? Ask our customers. Over sixteen hundred of them have put their trust in us and come away happy. In fact, we get about 80% of our business as a result of referrals from our existing customers

Can you Afford NOT to have this Kind of Attention? Call us: (859) 261-3325